Makes your development experience with DynamoDB as easy as possible.

A DynamoDB client which provides an easy to use fluent api to execute requests. It supports typescript decorators, to define the necessary metadata for your models. You don't need to care about the mapping of javascript types to their dynamo types any more. We got you covered.

import { Model, PartitionKey } from '@shiftcoders/dynamo-easy'
export class Person {
id: string
name: string
yearOfBirth: number
import { DynamoStore } from '@shiftcoders/dynamo-easy'
import { Person } from './models'
const personStore = new DynamoStore(Person)
.then(res => console.log('ALL items with yearOfBirth == 1958', res))

The library does not provide any operation to manage a table (API operations like 'createTable', 'describeTable', and more operations described here)

Are you missing some information or found some wrong description? Please feel free to open an issue on our github repo.

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